Honey & Lace California Training Retreat

I can't wait to tell you all about my training at the Honey & Lace West Coast Retreat. Each year Honey & Lace has mini retreats throughout the USA hosted by consultants. In addition to the retreats corporate hosts a HUGE convention every October with a Fashion Show giving a sneak peak of what styles are to come.  
honey & lace by beauty and a babee
Our West Coast Retreat was held in California, my hometown state. I was born in Big Bear, CA, but Glendora was a quick trip down the hill from where I grew up. It was nice to have our training retreat in an area I was some what familiar with. I prepped for months leading up to our retreat in order to be prepared for my Benchmark Presentation. I was so excited to share the knowledge I have learned throughout the last 10 years in business management, education and how I've become an entrepreneur.
honey & lace by beauty and a babee
It was a family affair. I brought my husband and our 16 month old (at the time). We loaded up the car and made it into a mini family vacation. Once we arrived we settled into our hotel and then headed over to the Honey & Lace Warehouse for a tour. This was my first time seeing their new warehouse and boy was it tremendous! When I joined the company back in August of 2016, H&L had a smaller facility that they worked out of. This new, huge warehouse was a fabulous upgrade to support their steady growth. I got a tour of the founders office where Dianne showed us how she pairs prints and solids before sending the fabric to the manufacturers. We also toured the "release room" where they go live showcasing the new inventory before it is available in our back office. The best part was getting a glimpse of the back of the warehouse where all of the production takes place. It was great to see all of the troops at work folding, packaging, loading and shipping out our boxes. As a consultant I gained a whole new appreciation for the process my inventory goes through before it ends up at my door! While we were there Gabe Ramirez gave Luscian their H&L selfie stick. He carried it around everywhere!
honey & lace by beauty and a babee
honey & lace by beauty and a babeehoney & lace by beauty and a babeehoney & lace by beauty and a babeehoney & lace by beauty and a babeehoney & lace by beauty and a babee
After the tour my husband entertained our son while I scurried off to get in on some H&L training. The retreat was held at a quaint venue called "The Glendora Women's Club". Here, we gathered together with the founder, motivational speakers, new and seasoned consultants to share ideas on how to empower one another and grow our H&L empire. A few of my team members were able to join in on the fun. We missed those that couldn't attend but we made sure to take good notes.
The retreat was a non stop 2 day learning extravaganza. It was hosted by the beautiful Melissa Ingram, Dianne's daughter in-law. We had some incredible speakers. The founder, Dianne, shared with us the importance of fabric knowledge. It was mind blowing to know what types of fabric each piece is made out of and why. James McConchie, a motivational speaker,  lit up the room with his presentation on positive leadership skills. Matthew Ingram, Dianne's youngest son gave us the breakdown on how their warehouse and the production side of the business works. Tyson Mietus, who is on the H&L management team, shared with us the foundation of Honey & Lace. He gave of an overview of where they began, where they are now and what their plans are for the future! Getting this inside information was refreshing. When I started with the company there were only a small group of active consultants. We use to submit our inventory orders via email. The call center recognized our voice over the phone and knew us on a first name bases. Honey & Lace has grown so much as a company and it has a lot to do with the fact that they listen to their consultants. Just a year ago we had less than 200 consultants that were actively selling. Today, September 2017 we are at about 1,000 consultants. They have allowed us to pave the way and help build their success at a reasonable rate. 
In addition to the above speakers we also got a chance to learn from some expert consultants. Myself and a handful of gals were given the opportunity to share their success stories and give expert advice on how we have gotten where we are in the company today. Karie Collins shared tips on how to move slower inventory. Kate Michelson taught us social media algorithms. Ashley Shipp talked about her recommendations on what to do in your first 90 days with the business. I shared the importance Benchmarks and why it is crucial to measure your results in order to increase your sales. 
honey & lace by beauty and a babee
The Benchmarks I talked about touched on the value of checkpoints and how we need them to discover areas of opportunity for growth and showcase where our business is already thriving. In this industry you have to understand your Sales vs. Expenses, RPCT, Customer Retention and Productivity. It is entrepreneur driven company. This stuff doesn't get handed to you on a silver platter. One of the key points I stressed on was to make fact based decisions. To often we let our emotions guide the way. Benchmarks are there to hold us accountable in order to follow through with our business planning. 
honey & lace by beauty and a babee
The last piece to our retreat was a special Q&A from the management team at H&L. In an open setting the team members at corporate sat in front of us with eyes open and listening ears. Consultants were able to ask questions in a group setting.
honey & lace by beauty and a babee
The grand finale was dinner! We grabbed our families back at the hotel and headed on over to an amazing restaurant called Clubhouse 66. They had live music, great food and we shared lots of laughs at the table as we let loose after 2 days fully loaded with training material. Needless to say I had a blast! I was definitely in my element! I crave the opportunity to learn and I love sharing new techniques with my team on how to gain success with their business.
Next on the calendar is our October Convention held in Salt Lake City Utah! I'm so excited I can't hide it! 
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